I am willing (and most of the time, excited!) to take calligraphy commissions,
but be forewarned: I am neither lightning fast or super cheap.
Nor do I accept commissions like "I would like The Art of War written on
an authentic Japanese scroll."

Short phrases, singular words, tattoo design ideas (bonus!) are preferred.
I have written out a marriage certificate before,
and also am willing to write on your invitations, provided you're willing to pay and give me time in advance.
If you have any questions or are interested in some calligraphy work, please email me.

Keep in mind that I will want to know the word/phrase, the source, why it has meaning to you,
and also any layout/colour preferences you might have.
There is no way I can fulfill your every desire, but I can certainly try.

Disclaimer: I currently am holding two jobs, will be starting school in the fall and have a severe case of lazinitus.
Therefore, I'm not responsible for responding to you in a timely manner, it might be a few days or weeks before I get a chance to look at your email,
let alone respond and/or develop thumbnail sketches for it.